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  Law Offices of
 Alexander GELMAN
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20532 El Toro Rd.
Suite 301
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Telephone: 949.334.2222
Facsimile:  949.334.2223




The law seems to many clients a cold and uncaring master.  In cases wrought with emotion and often, irrational parties, clients too often see their attorneys as unbending and insensitive to their legal and personal needs, more interested in billing the file that solving the problem.

Alexander Gelman has been a mediator and arbitrator in cases concerning complex issues and millions of dollars.  Law offices of Alexander Gelman adheres to his philosophy of client orientation.  This is not to say that we lose objectivity or logic, which is so vital to the professional reputation of the client, but we never lose touch with the emotional side of each dispute realizing that many cases cannot be resolved by quoting from statute books or cited precedence.

“Use of Sensitivity in law is not a loss or deficit.  It is, instead, a vital part of the practice of law and service to the client.”