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 Alexander GELMAN
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20532 El Toro Rd.
Suite 301
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Telephone: 949.334.2222
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Alexander Gelman has acted as both court and private mediator and arbitrator, as well as retained as a mediator in hundreds of matters with values of many millions of dollars. "Litigation is a frustrating and expensive proposition" Mr. Gelman has written. "For most entities and individuals, many times the benefit of litigation is overcome with the time consumption and expense of the system. It is for this reason that mediation and arbitration has become the focus of many businesses and individuals as means of resolving disputes."

Mediations are a simple and completely confidential procedure whereby individuals are asked to honestly discuss either with the other side or the mediator the strengths and even the weaknesses of a stated position.  It is only with this discussion that individuals can work to resolve cases.  Mediators have a most difficult position.  It is for these mediators to work to instill confidence in the system, while emphasizing resolution as the focus and maintaining complete confidentiality.  In this regard, Alexander Gelman has proven himself over and over again so that he is now one of the leading requested arbitrators and mediators, even being asked by the Superior Court to come to the Court to try to get matters resolved.

But for Alexander Gelman’s unique style, our case simply would not have settled.  It would have lingered in the Courts virtually forever.” Attorney, Major Insurance Company 

Alexander Gelman’s manner and style creates a confidence in both his abilities to resolve the matter and our own decision making.  Thank you for assisting us in resolving this most complicated personal injury matter.”  Plaintiff attorney, (Catastrophic injury matter).

At the Law offices of Alexander Gelman, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective legal services to all of our clients. Our firm specializes in family, personal injury and probate law.

The Law Offices of Alexander Gelman has over 28 years of experience, and hundreds of cases under our collective belts.


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