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  Law Offices of
 Alexander GELMAN
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30021 Tomas.
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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
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Real Estate

In today’s asset based economy, the purchase, leasing, sale and management of real property contains ever-increasing, complexity.  Disputes and litigation often arise out of construction, design defects, or allegations of failure to disclose. While contracts become more and more elongated, this often extenuates the problems that can occur.  While, in the past, one could simply “stake a claim” to property, now the leasing, management and sale of real property definitely needs the assistance of a professional.

Law offices of Alexander Gelman has made a reputation of representation of individuals and businesses alike in the asset acquisition and management industry representing brokers, investors, contractors, subcontractors, developers and individuals alike. The Firm manages hundreds of thousands of dollars of properties for many of its clients.

However, when disputes arise, Law offices of Alexander Gelman has been instrumental in litigation and negotiations of these disputes, whether through the courts, or the ever increasing benefit of mediation.

Alexander Gelman has been an award winning mediator, and author in the field of conflict resolution.  When possible, he has resolved many complex, disputes with a gentle hand.  When impossible, he has resolved many complex disputes with the tenacity of litigation that only a seasoned litigator can provide.