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  Law Offices of
 Alexander GELMAN
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30021 Tomas.
Suite 300
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Telephone: 949.334.2222
Facsimile:  949.334.2223


About the Law Offices of Alexander Gelman

A New Concept in Law, Mediation and Resolution of Disputes...and perhaps a new "field" of law...that of RESOLUTION

It is high time to inject a new concept into the practice of law ... client oriented attorneys...Attorneys trained to act not only as GLADIATORS, but as MEDIATORS and ARBITRATORS.  The clear reason for any attorney getting involved IS TO RESOLVE THE MATTER...efficiently and effectively.   The simple fact is that productive legal counsel can save you money and better represent your interests.  There was a time when law firms got away with the shuffling of expensive paper and confusing Latin  phrases.  There was a time when advertising on the  side of billboards or busses was somehow thought of  as increasing your reputation.  But no longer. That  type of law can cost both time and money.

Law offices of Alexander Gelman's practice serves a diverse and established client base representing individuals to the most industries and professions including architects, financial institutions, developers, contractors, engineers, retailers, manufacturers, franchise operations, hospitals, physicians. In addition, the Law Offices of Alexander Gelman is a firm dedicated to RESOLUTION including those incurred as a result of automobile accidents, product failures, and injuries on real property and fights for accountability of large corporations and government entities for the injuries they cause.

It is no coincidence that the Law offices of Alexander Gelman has achieved a rapid growth record in the same economic climate that has seen the dissolution of many of the older firms. This new concept of productivity is responsible for the firm's reputation as one of the fastest growing and progressive law firms in Southern California.