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  Law Offices of
 Alexander GELMAN
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30021 Tomas #300
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
Telephone: 949.334.2222
Facsimile:  949.334.2223


Legal Specialties

The Deal Maker not Deal Breaker

Litigation and Mediation

The term "Business" connotes to many a conservatism that lacks creativity and depth. The firm knows that to fully service the business client, whether it is in the collection of debt, the negotiation of contracts of leases or simply providing advise and counsel, the lawyer must see through this image to the people and the needs that are present in any business transaction.

In order to service the client in a truly productive fashion, Mr. Gelman has developed the Legal Audit. This Legal Audit is the fundamental premise of the concept of “Preventative Law”. At the request of the client, attorneys and specialists review all levels of the client's business in order to alert the client to levels of legal exposure.  Then, remedial measures are recommended to prevent useless and costly litigation.

Law offices of Alexander Gelman goes beyond the definition of normal business attorneys that are more interested in fancy offices than the client to counsel and educate their clients regarding existing complex transactions.  The firm strives in the development of new business, advising and educating clients in concepts and dynamics in the origination of all types of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Preventative Law, The Legal Audit and Education. These are among only a few of the reasons the Law Offices of Alexander Gelman has continued to grow and expand in an age where businessmen and businesses turn more and more to their legal representatives for guidance in an ever complicated legal community.

"In any successful negotiation, both sides must 'win'. However, the key is to convince my client's opponent that his win, in theory is greater than that of my client."