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Wills & Trusts

Probate law is that field which relates to the essential transfers of property from an estate of a deceased to his or her heirs.  Included many times in this general topic of law is the setting up and maintaining of conservatorships for those in need, whether that need is economic and/or physical.

Creation of a Family Trust can, in many situations, avoid the time, expense and possible taxation involved with a Probate of one’s estate.  Trusts can be set up to be revocable or partially revocable at times.  Trusts can be set up to prevent the squandering of your assets, or to guarantee education or benefits to your loved ones.  

A Family Trust can provide for smooth transfer of assets to your loved ones. However, formation of a Trust must be done properly and with all formality. Several taxation issues and potential problems can be created by the negligently formed Family Trust.  An Attorney knowledgeable of the Probate, Conservatorships and Family Trusts is vital to prepare for and properly protect YOUR desires as it relates to your estate.