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 Alexander GELMAN
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20532 El Toro Rd.
Suite 301
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Telephone: 949.334.2222
Facsimile:  949.334.2223


Alexander Mark Gelman continued:

Alexander M. Gelman brings to the firm an extensive background in all forms of litigation, possessing a depth of comprehensive experience as a trial lawyer ranging from criminal defense to the most complex of business litigation. Mr. Gelman has litigated personal injury claims and business matters representing many millions of dollars and has been involved with cases which have changed the face of many aspects of California law.

Mr. Gelman is a published author, college instructor and lecturer in the fields of law, Med-Legal Issues and communications. A dynamic speaker, his unique talents serve and strengthen his professional and civil activities. Whether as a settlement mediator, arbitrator or as a respected member of the legal community, Alexander M. Gelman continuously strives to progressively and productively serve the needs of the client in all areas of litigation and/or settlement.

    Personal Injury Litigation
    Product Failures
    Business and Commercial Litigation
    Labor-management Litigation
    Commercial Transactions

"Too many law firms today consider clients as mere numbers. They play the "minute game" with double billings, etc. A law firm's focus should be on improved service to clients, not penciling in time sheets".